שם מלא *
דוא"ל *
"Moked" is one of the oldest investigations firms operating since 1968 in the field of private investigations in Israel. During the years the company developed and expanded whilst changing its name several times, splitting from one company into several ones and recently combined its lines and resources into one and for a number of years now is recognized as the leading investigating company in Israel.

Moked investigations group is comprised of "Moked Investigations Services 1999", "Moked Elementar" and Moked Legal Services Ltd. The two first ones were founded by the old "Moked (1973) Investigations Company. The main activity of the group is in the exposure of insurance frauds for insurance companies.

Moked is also engaged in economical and criminal investigations, national factors, private as well as public sectors, examination of employees credibility, honesty and integrity, exposure of various frauds. Additional activity of Moked Investigations Group is providing consulting, protection and investigation services to the business sector in the field of information security, physical protection, prevention and decrease depreciation as well as computer investigations.
Lately Moked developed an innovative area of informativeness services, for the internal needs in integrating investigation systems, as well as the consumers area for the variety of external customers. An additional field of latent development is providing a total package of legal services such as locations, personal deliveries and representations in small claims, when in the near future operations will expand to collection activities, execution of judgment and other legal services.
Among the clients of the group are all the insurance companies and large brokers in Israel, law offices handling torts, surveyors and insurance agents, government offices, many private and public companies, commercial firms, banks, credit card companies, car rent companies, private and industries in Israel and abroad.
A serious part of the activity of Moked is carried out in the operational field - technical by the surveillance department which is well equipped in the best sophisticated equipment available in the civil market, in combining investigations in the various fields as well as independent investigations in these fields.
The Moked group is the largest and leading investigation firm in Israel, where most of the employees have vast and aggregate experience of many years in the area of private investigations. Some of the investigators and directors came after many years of successful operation in national investigative bodies and some have learnt and acquired their skill and experience in Moked throughout the years.
Moked Investigations Group is the only firm in Israel capable of providing some 150 investigators at the same time for a certain investigation in a pointed or all through coverage. All the group investigators are equipped with cell phones operating in one network for the purpose of efficiency in the organization as well as motorcycles, scooters, vans and other vehicles as required some owned by the company and some privately owned. All the investigators are duly licensed by the Ministry of Justice as\ private investigators or as trainees.

Aran Hass - Supervision and responsibility of investigations (liabilities and compulsory), customers relations.
An employee of the company since 1985. Directed in the past the company investigations in the Jewish sector.
Academic education. Major rank in the army reserves. Married with three children.
Ronen Gordon - External relations - customers, supervision and responsibility on investigations (property).
An employee of the company since 1987, managed "Moked Elementar" in the past.

Law graduate, Major rank in the army reserves. Served as a senior officer in Investigative Military Police. Married with two children